Auto insurance claim process

Car insurance claim procedure has been confusing many people out there due several reasons best known to them. It is the aim of this article to put car insurance procedure in a simplified manner that all can understand.

Auto insurance claim procedure starts mainly after an accident occurs. Depending on the nature of the claim, your task is to contact your auto insurance company either by phone, email, fax or verbally informing them of the car accident that just occurred. Your vehicle insurance company will appoint there car insurance claim staff or auto insurance claims emergency staff to look into your complaints and car insurance policy to ascertain if the auto insurance policy you have covers what you complained. They also check to see if you violate any auto insurance regulation and policy based on what you have reported. Car insurance claims staff will also go through your data to know your accident history, claims and other dealings with them.

When this is done, and they ascertain that they need to pay auto insurance claims to you, some car insurance claims staff will inform you to submit your claims letter while others may ask you directly what you are claiming for. If it simple car insurance claim like replacing parts or repairs, your auto insurance company will send your vehicle to there approved garage for repair at there own cost or provide you with there list of approved car repairers which they work closer with. Depending on your car insurance policy and other factors, majority of car insurance company hire vehicle for you, the insurer to be using while repairs are going on in your vehicle.

In case of complicated auto insurance claims like where fault need to be established, car insurance claims procedure staff will need a lot of data like eye witness report, condition of the car, even evidence for litigation just to mention a few to ascertain if claims have to be paid out or not. When claims have been established, in the event of serious auto injuries or loss, and also depending on your car insurance cover, medical bills are settled; loss properties and damages are also ascertained and negotiation will commence when you are ready to discuss. In an event of total loss of car or properties, the car insurance claims officer may make an offer based on your vehicle’s value and other factors like age of your car, condition, depreciation just to mention few on behalf of your car insurance company if they assign him with such duty.

Note that in car insurance claim procedure, when you have not paid your premium or you’re paying your car insurance premium in an instalment rate, you are required to finish up payment for claims negotiation to start. When this is settled, your car insurance company can either pay what you are claiming in your claim letter or counter the claim which will lead to negotiation of both parties involved. The time period to receive your car insurance claims varies; it will be advisable to always contact your car insurance company to speed your car insurance claim process in other to receive your claims on time.

Finally, when both sides do not agree with each other, car insurance arbitrate body approved by the state you are residing will have to step in to settle the dispute. I do hope this article gives a simple understanding of car insurance claim procedure

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