Commercial car insurance


Commercial car insurance or commercial auto insurance as others may call it is the type of vehicle insurance taken for those vehicle which are mainly used for commercial purpose with the sole aim of either generating income( as in taxi) or for running a business organization such as ( banks, cooperate bodies, etc). It should be noted that the main reason for classifying a vehicle commercial is mainly in its purpose or use. Continue reading ‘Commercial car insurance’ »

Do all EU car insurance coverage cover car insurance green card?

Eu green card car insurance


Basically not all eu car insurance company covers this policy. However, Continue reading ‘Do all EU car insurance coverage cover car insurance green card?’ »

How do l get green card insurance Coverage?

EU Car insurance



Take for instance, if you’re from UK, it can be said technically that your car insurance policy covers provides automatically for this but you have to contact your insurance agency for you to be issued green card to drive in other eu states. If you do not have this green card, you will not be allowed to drive in other eu states.


Many UK holiday makers have been turned back in the past due to the fact that they do not posses green card while trying to enter member states. You can also contact your car insurance companies to known if your vehicle insurance policy covers green card.



Green card insurance can be obtain cheaper by using these strategies Here.You should also note that eu green card coverage can be issued in any eu languages.


What is car insurance green card?

Green card auto insurance



Car insurance green card is a legal document which is normally issued by car insurance companies of eu member state as a proof to show that the holder is insured to drive a particular car, truck, van etc in a form which is generally accepted through out Europe Union countries. Green card is mainly accepted within eu countries, if you are travelling outside eu, you will need to organize car insurance to drive down there. People who normally take driving tour or trip around eu countries needs it.


The key importance of eu green card insurance is to make sure that people or individual affected in road traffic accident was not mainly caused by visiting drivers that enters the country or passing through the country and also to make sure drivers or car owner travelling with there vehicle obtain green card car insurance before leaving the border of there individual country.


Read more about green car card insurance Here. To get the fully understand how car insurance works, read it in this car insurance blog.





Driving around EU with green card

Green card insurance



Most car insurance policy issued in eu like United Kingdom allows you to drive in member state provided you have the necessary documents like green card. Without it, even if you’re from eu member state, the law enforcement agents may deny you entry. If your from outside eu like United States, your own case in different.


Green card car insurance or insurance green card can also be read HERE.

Where can I buy short term car insurance?



Short term insurance can be bought in many places. Many car insurance companies have made it even possible to buy it from the internet. This has made buying short term auto insurance very easy and affordable. All you need to is to register online and print out the necessary documents right in your office or home. You can also buy it from car insurance agencies or brokers. Some car selling agents also offers short term car insurance service. I like buying online as it helps me to compare prices of many car insurance agencies.


Also, short term car insurance, short term car insurance quotes, short term car insurance rates can also be read in this car insurance homepage. Check out one of them HERE.

What is short term Car insurance and when do I need one?


Short term car insurance or temporary auto insurance is a type of car insurance taken for short period of time which can be days, week or months. One may need short term car insurance when;

         they are on holiday and they need to drive

         Making delivery of new cars purchased

         Giving your vehicle out for a short period of time and other temporary driving of cars for short time duration. Most often short term car insurance are cheap when compared to normal car insurance.


NOTE: In some countries, third party fire and theft are available for short term insurance while in others comprehensive covers is available. Read more about short insurance here.

Can auto manufacturing company offers auto insurance to drivers who bought there cars?

Car insurance offers



Some car companies offers some form of auto insurance to drivers who purchase there cars while others do not. It will be better to ask if this service is rendered by them when buying from car manufacturer agents. I have seen some offers from car manufacturing companies like low- cost windscreen cover, free breakdown cover etc. All these are provided to attract and retain customers.


Car insurance company also offers some discounts if you purcahse there vehicle, but be careful because in long run, it might be expensive. if you are presented with the opportunity, compare various car insurance rates and car insurance quotes before taking it. if it is cheaper, use it for the discount duration and before it ends, inform your car insurance company that you need a new car insurance quotes. if it is high, look for different car insurance company. Use also these strategies to drive your car insurance down

I have no credit history, is it going to affect my car insurance premium?

Car insurance credit history.


Some auto insurance companies classify people with no credit or insufficient credit history as a high risk taker. This is because they do know or have no sufficient knowledge about them that’s why they are classified as such. This may result in paying higher premium. I have seen many vehicle insurance companies that have other criteria to evaluate people with no credit history. It all depends on car insurance companies but having insufficient credit report or credit history is not the only factor to be considered. It will be wise to contact your car insurance company to know more if having no credit reports affects your car insurance premium or not.

Can auto insurance company look into my credit history without contacting me?

Credit history


Yes in many states and countries, they are allowed to view your credit score so far as you provide them with your information like name, national insurance number, date of birth and your other personal data. However, in doing this, there are reasonable procedures they have to follow in other to enhance confidentiality, accuracy and effective utilization of such data in a way that is not harmful. There are state insurance laws and even credit reporting act that stress how to handle these data collected. But many car insurance companies are always careful when handling your credit history or rating.