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This website in future will be using affiliates programs, Google Ad sense for monetization which means that when you click on affiliates links or banner that is on this website and take an action, buy or subscribe to may be news later, mailing list, fill a form, it can result to commission credited to this site. Some affiliate programs and affiliation includes but not limited to Commission junction, CPA Networks and more.

Note: CPA Means Cost per Action meaning that this site might earn a commission when you take any action like filing out form, answering some questions or taking a survey just to mention a few.

Also, does not sell any product for now and services directly. All income and earning from this website will be mainly from third- party and sponsor ads, affiliations and Google Ad sense Programme. I do NOT do any PAID reviews.

For Legal Purpose, even though I am giving suggestions, advice about car insurance in this website, you will still NEED to contact your car insurance company, firm, agencies and if necessary a lawyer to help you in your own individual car insurance case or problem. I (Chukwuma Kingsley) owner of assume NO LIABILITY for the advice, suggestions, services and products you purchase, subscribe to, undertaken outside of

I know that this might sound harsh, but it’s for legal purpose. My integrity means everything to me and I know the articles here will be beneficial to my readers.

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If you have any question about these or any affiliations of this website, Please don’t hesitate to contact me either by phone (+462277995) or email ( I will be more than happy to clarify or provide additional details or information necessary. assumes NO liability for product and services purchased from third party websites or sponsor ads. Also, do make sure you read the terms and conditions of any services or product you want to purchase and also contact the appropriate car insurance specialist or consultant if you have individual car insurance problem for specific and proper advice.