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Car insurance book  or auto insurance book which was written by the web master and the author of  this website has been lunch. The book  is a  betrayal to expose lots of strategies which have not been heard and are more advance but written in simple English language  for easy understanding. This car insurance book is in  kindle and will be later published as hard copy. The e-book was written in details to explain many car insurance issues.

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student car

Student car are mainly cars which are driven by students. What make people termed vehicle for student is because it’s cheap to insure and it’s low maintence cost. if you are looking for student car insurance, always consider the type of car you want to drive. These are cars for students Continue reading ‘student car’ »

compare car insurance rate

Compraring car insurance rate is a practice where by car owners and seekers of car insurance policy compares various provider of auto insurance policy to get affordable auto insurance policy. This is one of the ways to not only get cheapest car insurance, but also reduce the amount you pays as premium.

The act of comparing auto insurance rates can be done in many ways using various car insurance comparing website.

Are you looking for car insurance comparing website? or

Do you want to compare car insurance quote? Continue reading ‘compare car insurance rate’ »

Car insurance problems: Solve your car insurance problem HERE

Do you have any car insurance problems?

Do you have problems with your agent?


Do you want me to write about any topic on car insurance?. Then the solution is HERE Continue reading ‘Car insurance problems: Solve your car insurance problem HERE’ »

Car insurance in Canada

Car insurance in canada:

Car insurance in Canada is one of those that are exceptional when compared to some countries in the world. It should be noted first and foremost that some of the provinces in Canada uses a system of car insurance where government have a huge influence and operate car insurance dealings. This can be called public car insurance or public auto insurance. There are advantages and disadvantages of this type of auto insurance. Continue reading ‘Car insurance in Canada’ »

insurance case study : Choosing car insurance agent case study

lnsurance case study:

Mr Jim Smith, who was a business consultant by profession, lives in Enfield, North London. He bought his first car Volvo S80 and was offered insurance deal on purchase. He turned down the offer and wanted to do it by him self in looking for a reputable auto insurance agent that he wants to partner with so that he can get proper guideline not only on insuring his car but also solution on getting cheapest car insurance as well as been able to offer effective and efficient solution in case he encounter any problem on auto insurance while using his vehicle. Continue reading ‘insurance case study : Choosing car insurance agent case study’ »

”Bilförsäkring” : Car insurance in Sweden

Bilförsäkring or Car insurance Sweden is an interesting discussion l had with my friend when l was seeing him off to board his flight to his home country. We are driving and I asked him, what it like is to insure car Sweden. He starts by saying that there are various types of auto insurance policy in Sweden depending on what you want in car insurance in Sweden is what you get. He explained that the three basic auto insurance in Sweden are as follows: Continue reading ‘”Bilförsäkring” : Car insurance in Sweden’ »

Commercial Car insurance


Commercial car insurance is basically the type of auto insurance taken to cater for vehicles which are designed for commercial use. The term “Commercial” in this definition is determine by range of factors which I will not stress much here  but note that what make a vehicle to be commercial is mainly what the car is used for. Continue reading ‘Commercial Car insurance’ »

Ireland Car insurance.

Car insurance in Ireland is like any other car insurance policy but is mainly govern by Irish laws such as Road Traffic Act of 1961 and other agencies set up by government and your car insurance company. Insurance Ireland car requires that you take up auto insurance policy to at least cover third-party car insurance or you make a special sum of deposit to a specified minister which is set up by government. To know the actual minister to make deposit, do contact your local Ireland car insurance authority. There are many good side of insuring your car in ireland. Continue reading ‘Ireland Car insurance.’ »

Young car insurance

Young car insurance or Insurance young drivers are mainly the auto insurance designed for youth, teenagers that can be of certain age bracket which can be from 16 till 24 years depending on driving laws which varies from country to country. For young driver’s car insurance, it is mainly classified to be risky in nature. Risky in the sense that young drivers are more likely to try new things with  their vehicle which may includes over speeding, disobeying traffic rules and regulations, drink driving, and at times high rate of accident occurrences. These have made much car insurance company to have strict rules for young drivers insurance but cheap insurance for young drivers is still possible. Continue reading ‘Young car insurance’ »