Commercial Car insurance


Commercial car insurance is basically the type of auto insurance taken to cater for vehicles which are designed for commercial use. The term “Commercial” in this definition is determine by range of factors which I will not stress much here  but note that what make a vehicle to be commercial is mainly what the car is used for.


Take for instance you have a van which you use for distribution business. The van can be said to be commercial in nature and it will need commercial van insurance. If you have a Volvo car for taxi you need to take out taxi commercial insurance or taxi commercial car insurance. This is to say, the purpose you are using your vehicle determines if you need commercial auto insurance.

Before taking out commercial car insurance, please always have the following in your mind:

–         Make sure the commercial car insurance policy you will be taking is flexible for you. This will help you to change your mind or making decision in case you need more coverage in commercial car insurance policy.

–         Reliability: This is one of the features I have been telling people and friends with cars which serves for commercial purpose. Make sure you take your commercial car insurance policy from a reliable auto insurance company or agency. If you do not know of any auto insurance company or brokers, use this tips to locate one in your area. Tips for choosing car insurance company or Tips for choosing car insurance broker. Choosing a reliable commercial car insurance company has a big role to play while making any claims in future.


–         Affordable: Even though in recent years that car insurance claim has been on rise, you can still have cheap commercial insurance. To have cheap vehicle insurance you need to use some strategies like shopping around and these amazing Strategies.

–         Also make commercial auto insurance convenient to handle; Take for instance if you are in Uk, take UK commercial insurance or car commercial insurance near your office or home or where you are living. This is to making handling of claims easier.

Having all these in your mind, consider these factors before taking car commercial insurance:

–         The age of the vehicle; the age of your vehicle will definitely play a vital role in determining your commercial car insurance premium.

–          Office location; Location of your office will also determine if you will have cheap van insurance or cheap commercial car insurance depending on your car type.

–         No of cars you have: The more vehicles you have and insured with one car insurance company, the cheaper your commercial car insurance premium.

–         Driving Histroy: The driving history of the driver who will be plying the commercial vehicle will also play a role in determining your commercial car insurance premium. The more experienced a driver is, the better.

–         Safety features in the commercial vehicle; if you have approved safety features in your commercial vehicle, most commercial car insurance companies will offer you discount.

Commercial auto insurance or commercial vehicle insurance should always be taken if your car is for commercial purpose only. In doing so, you will be complying with the auto insurance policy rules or contract you have with your car insurance company.


Finally, if you are confused about commercial car insurance policy, there are commercial auto insurance companies or brokers that specialised in commercial vehicle insurance. The can help you out to take out a policy for your commercial vehicle.  Good ones will also tell you what to do to have cheap commercial vehicle insurance.

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