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Many people have been thinking how gender plays a vital role in your car insurance rates, quotes or even auto insurance premium. This article will address these issues. Yes gender do play amazing role in determine the type of car insurance quotes you will have, the auto insurance rates and even car insurance premium you will pay.


You are considered to be in high risk group and if you are a teenager, expect a high insurance rate. The reason is that you are classified to be risky when on road and the chances are high you are likely to be involved in accident. You are classified to be in the same risk group with male drivers by many insurance companies. If you live in a place where crime rate is much, do also expect a higher auto insurance rate, if you park your car in the street, expect also higher auto insurance rate, if you are a gay celebrity, expect also higher rate, if you are a new gay driver, expect high vehicle insurance rate. Do you have a partner and your state recognized it?, some car insurance company may give you lower auto insurance rates or quotes depending on other factors. It is better to verify this with your car insurance agency to get your individual answer.
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As a lesbian, you are considered to be in lower risk category and do expect lower car insurance rates or quotes if all other factors are considered ok by your car insurance company. Such factors includes your age, crime rate in your place of residence, safety features in your vehicle, marital status, credit score, driving experience just to mention but a few. If all these factors seems to be in positive trend considered by your car insurance company, you will have a cheaper car insurance quotes and rates when compared with gay guys.
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I will like to be straight forward here; if you are a transgender, some car insurance company will ask you which gender do you consider your self more to be? Is it male or female? Do not be offended by this question if you are asked because they may not have sufficient data on transgender category to actual give you a quote or car insurance rate. If you are buying your car insurance policy online and you do not see a section to identify yourself as a transgender, just fill in the gender you think you are closer with. Some transgender take advantage of this to get female car insurance quotes and policy since they attract lower car insurance premium.
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