1 week Car insurance

1 week car insurance is a short term insurance which lapses for 7 days duration or one week. Many people go for this type of car insurance based on many reasons but the key aim is for seven days duration. You need this type of car insurance if,

You visit a friend for one week and want to make use of his car.

You are on a week vacation and you need or wants to drive car.

Bought a car and need to driver it home but can only take a week to reach your home and other cases which is one of a short duration basically one week.

It will be a wise choice to go for this type of auto insurance if you want to protect your car insurance claim bonus as you may not know the driving capability of the person you’re going to allow to use your vehicle. One week car insurance does not cost much since it’s for a short duration of time and many auto insurance companies handles this type of car insurance. One good advantage of a week auto insurance is that it can be concluded on the internet and printed out from home your printer.

Though many car insurance agencies do not offer discount on one week auto insurance policy, we at carinsurancetutor.com will give you tips that can help you in trying to get minimum quote of 1 week auto insurance. These tips are:

Inform the auto insurance company that you will be going for very low mileage.

Do not tell them you will be driving for fun, driving after party as they may think that you‘re going to be drunk in the process.

–       if you’re a lady, read our car insurance tips before taking seven days car insurance policy.

Tell them you will be parking the vehicle in safe car garage and make sure you do so.

Don’t forget to shop around as this can help you get different quotes from different auto insurance company.

If you bought the car newly from car dealer, taking one week car insurance from them might be expensive as they can include hidden cost into it.

–         If you’re a student, read our tips on student car insurance.

These are some tips we have for one week auto insurance. Use them if you have to as it had helped many of our readers.

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