Car insurance for disabled: disability insurance

Disability car insurance or auto insurance for disabled people is the type of car insurance that mainly cater for people with some type of body malfunction. Such malfunction might be in hand, legs or other parts of the body. Many have been asking questions on how manage disabled drivers are allowed be on our high way driving which is too risky for them and the general public. These people asking all these questions should also note that they are still human and should not be denied to drive so far as they abide with the driving standard set by both government and auto insurance company.

In real world, many car insurance companies don’t like handling auto insurance for disabled people. Many think that it’s too risky dealing with them. This has made many disabled drivers not to buy vehicle and those that have, seek the services of drivers and pay them on hourly basis. Even those auto insurance company that do take on disabled driver car insurance, they tend to quote high even on renewal of auto insurance policy for disabled drivers with no claim and also charge higher car insurance premium as years go by.

We at have outlined the following tips for disabled people to get cheap auto insurance. They include;

Joining car clubs for disabled drivers: There are lots of benefit to this, in these clubs, driving skills are taught and improved for disabled drivers that have problem with their driving skills, this have made car insurance company offer some discounts to disabled drivers in these clubs. Look for auto insurance club for disabled people in your area today.

Occupation discount for disabled drivers: many auto insurance companies offers discount to disabled drivers that are fully employed. When discussing to your car insurance company, don’t forget to disclose you’re fully employed.

Limited mileage discount: if you’re disabled and want to take up auto insurance for disabled people. You will have a great discount if you drive low mileage. Think if this strategy is for you.

Discount for ladies: If you are a disabled lady driver, auto insurance companies for disabled drivers offers some discount for just been a lady.

Use auto insurance brokers that specialized in disabled people: if you use ordinary car insurance agent or broker, expect high quotes.

If you have more than one vehicle, you will also be offered discount.

If you have a new car, don’t allow auto insurance company to include break down coverage. Most car insurance company includes this fee and that is also a factor that makes car insurance for disabled people to be high.

Check in your community if there is a Trust fund or driving schemes for disabled people. Some organization or even individual encourages disabled people to driver by funding their auto insurance. Many disabled people have benefited from these trust funds.

Don’t forget the power of shopping around when dealing with car insurance for disable people.

These are some of the tips we can share about auto insurance for disabled people. Don’t forget to read on this blog 25ways to get cheapest auto insurance

as disabled drivers can use some tips there to lower their auto insurance. In addition, as a disabled person, don’t worry about modification done on your car as many auto insurance company accept that and will not be a big deal in your car insurance quote or premium.

Advice: Since car insurance for disabled people always increase from time to time. If you are paying a lower car premium and during renewal of your car insurance policy, you were quoted higher and haven’t had any accident or claim, don’t forget to reveal to them the lower premium you have paying before renewal of your policy and always ask for a lower quotes.

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