Obama insurance

Most of American car Insurance Company has express their concern about Obama car insurance plans. What are these plans and how are US car insurance firms reacting towards them. Obama car insurance plans which have been attracting buzz in various car insurance blogs and the web stress the following;

– The governments through its agency will work towards provision of auto insurance to all American residents who are unable to pay increasing auto insurance premium. Many auto insurance brokers are saying that the implication of this is rising business tax.

Increased government bureaucracy aimed at monitoring and controlling greed and excessive wants of private car insurance industry.

– Car insurance premium for everyone regardless of the risk must be equal. If you get 5 auto accidents per year, you deserve to pay the same car insurance premium as someone who never had auto accident. Many car insurance companies in USA are saying, this is pure socialist view or way of operating insurance.

– Employers have to provide each employee with car insurance and failure to do so attract penalty.

– No excluding of pre –existing condition. If you have suffered serious accident on your car in 1995 and file for car insurance, the new car insurance must pay for the old accident you suffered or encounter.

These are short summary of Obama car insurance plans. Many people looked on this plan from various perspective especially New York car insurance companies and others, even America car insurance broker. The following are what the people we interview have to say;

USA car insurance company owner name withheld said this will go a long way to create heavy burden to drivers with good driving records. This auto insurance plan tends to look at the society as a whole instead of individual under consideration.

A car insurance broker in Newark says Obama car insurance plan is nothing less than socialist view towards insurance. This might also be his view towards health insurance in United States,

An entrepreneur with comprehensive car insurance policy stress that this auto insurance plans places a burden on employers of labour.

The big question remains, do you think Obama car insurance plan is

beneficial to all?

Can one get cheap car insurance premium in Obama car insurance plan?

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