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After doing all you can to reduce your auto insurance rate, you still experienced that your car insurance premium is still on high. Car insurance tutor advices you read this article and 25 ways to get cheapest car insurance. I think both articles will help you to reduce your car insurance drastically.

These are the key factors affecting your car insurance:

Age: Age plays an important role to determine your auto insurance. Young people especially male teenagers pays high car insurance premium when compared to adults. We can put it this way, younger people pays more car insurance rates or premiums when compared to adult. This is due to their risky nature. So therefore if you are young, take advantage of the 25 ways to get cheapest car insurance.

Gender: Your gender is still a contributing factor why you are still paying a high car insurance premium. Female drivers pay less when compared to male driving.

Driving Records/ History: if you do have bad driving history and still have not improve your driving skills. This can make you to be paying higher car insurance rates. Many car insurance companies offer discounts if you take their approved driving course.

Theft Protection Device: Do you have recommended theft protection device in your car? If not. That’s may be why your car insurance premium is on rise. If you drive an expensive car that can attract robbers and you don’t park it in a well protected garage. It may be the reason why your car insurance rate is high.

Type of work you do: This may be the reason why you are paying high auto insurance rate. You can’t compare a banker who spent hours working and taxi or truck driver who is always on road car insurance to be the same. Do your work makes you to drive often? That may be the reason you are paying a high rate.

Type of Car: The type of car you drive can be the reason why your car insurance rate is high. Some older cars are cheaper to insure when compare to brand new cars. Also, renovated cars can also have high car insurance rates. Even the model of the car you’re driving might be the reason why your car insurance premium is high.

Miles or Distance covered during driving: it is agreed that the more you drive, they more you are exposing yourself to driving risk. Therefore the distance you covered or your covering may be the reason why you‘re vehicle insurance is high.

Geographically location: Are you living in city? You may be paying high when compared to someone in country side. Your location may be classified as high risk area by your car insurance company

Finally, cross check these and check with your own car insurance policy if you’re paying high car insurance rate. If you are paying much, read the article I mentioned above and see if you can make use of them to drastically reduce your car insurance rates.

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