lmportance of car insurance



Car insurance have been looked with negligence by some car owners and they continue to wonder why must they have auto insurance while they believe that they will drive carefully and will not have accident. Some even after years of having and driving their cars without accident might think having car insurance doesn’t worth it. A friend of mine was even telling me that the car insurance premium he has been paying is even enough to get another brand new car. But in all, does it worth it? That’s why you have to read on to discover why you need auto insurance. These are the reasons;


Car insurance protects your personal liability; supposing that you’re a family man with lots of responsibility. On your way to work, you’re involved in a car accident which you destroyed both lives and properties and was your fault. Later, you’re summoned in a law court to pay for the lives and properties destroyed which worth millions of dollars. If you don’t have car insurance, you are going to bear all these burden alone and when you have not meet the obligation to pay, your houses and other properties have to be sold to settle for this. That’s why insuring your car is vital as it will save your personal belongings.


Auto insurance helps to distinguish real drivers and those that use cars for illegal activities. Police can now dictate if a car is been used for illegal activities by looking at the plates number to verify if your car is properly insured. In this way, you save yourself time and resources and at the same time, help the government to combat crime.


Car insurance also provides cost to repair your car when damaged. This depends on the type of car insurance policy covering you. If your car is damaged also beyond repairs, depending on some factors, new car may be given to you.


Vehicle insurance also provides you with financial security and means to survive claims when levied on you. You should note this, that at times, claim associated with car accident exceeds the cost of your vehicle. It will be a wise idea to protect you from financial collapse when something like this happens by having car insurance.



Having car insurance also help to educate you on financial responsibility. Such responsibilities includes, how to keep your rates and car insurance premium low, how to shop around to get the best price of what you want in auto insurance, others are knowing key concepts in auto insurance, handle some common financial calculations just to mention few.


These are the key reasons why having car insurance is important. I urge you to go and get one if you do not have car insurance.



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