Buying a car is the dream of many people. This dream comes with joy for many and others with sadness. To everyone that is happy with their car, you can agree with me your joy is mainly contributed to the fact that you did plan well when you wanted to purchase your first car. For those that are not happy, it may be due to the opposite or they don’t know well about vehicle before buying, they do not know how to get the right car insurance agencies or really don’t know on what they want in a car, the type of car insurance coverage and other factors which they did not even care to bother before jumping to car dealer to buy their first car. After reading this article, bear these factors in mind before buying and I will welcome your comments.


Before you purchase your next car or about to buy your first car, you have to establish what you really want from your car. Things like; is it for business, for luxury, pleasure etc. Once this is established, you can then consider the following factors before buying your dream car.


Cost of your dream car or Price: Price of a car is the total amount you are paying the car dealer to have the ownership of your dream car. This is total amount your paying the car dealer comes from your budgeted balance for the vehicle. Depending on many factors and cars, some highly priced cars have either high and low car insurance rates or quotes. The best way to know this, is to compare and shop around. So before buying your car, always bear in mind the price of the car and car insurance rates you are going to pay. This can help you to plan and budget well for your dream car.

Secondly, availability of spare parts and cost in your location: This is one of the factors you have to consider when buying your car. Some cars may be cheap but spare parts are not available or costly in your area and this may be able to lead to higher cost to maintain your car. Imagine what it will look like paying a high cost in buying car parts and high insurance rates if you have bad driving record or if your car insurance company charges you high premium. It will be a worth while research checking availability of spare parts in your location before buying.


Thirdly, Car colour: Car colour is what many consider before buying any vehicle. This is important in case you want to resale your car in near future. Research have shown that some car colours sale fasters when compare to others. Colours like black, green, blue always have high resale value when compare to others. This is a factor you have to consider if you want to resale your car in future. At times, location also determines the colour that has high resale value. Some auto insurance company at times use colour as a factor to determine car premium. They mainly stress that some car colours have a high theft rate, so always bear in mind if you care the car colour you wish to buy.


Fourthly, Car size and shape: You have to consider if it’s going to be family, couple’s, and business car. Considering the size and shape of your dream car is worth taking into consideration. From the insurance point of view and depending in the insurance firm, it’s cheaper to insure a big car when compare to the small sports cars.



Fifth, car model: Are you interested in buying old or new model? This factor should be given consideration when planning to buy your first car. If am to advice, avoid to buy new model for its first year. There are advantages accruing to this. Depending also on the criteria set by individual insurance company, car insurance rate may be high in new model cars when compare to older models.



Sixth, number of doors in car: This is another factor you have to consider before attempting to buy your first car. Car doors can be either two or four. Two doors cars can be cheap to buy new and also have high resale rate when compare to four doors. Some insurance companies may charge a higher premium in two doors cars when compare to four doors depending on the standard car insurance policy they set for themselves.



Financing: This is one of the most important factors you have to consider before buying your car. Some car dealers do not like to sell cars to people who pay cash while some accept cash payment. You have to consider if you wants to pay cash or not. Word of advice; do not tell a car dealer you want to pay cash until you are sure that’s the car you wanted. If the car dealer doesn’t want to accept cash payment, feel free to move out and look for another dealer. Some dealers also offer insurance opportunity but I will prefer to choose my own insurance company.



Car insurance cost and coverage you will need: This is the premium you have to pay to your insurance company. Always figure out the insurance cost from your insurance company before buying car. Many insurance companies have list of cars that are cheap to insure. This will help you to stay in budget.

Distance you will be using the car; There are cars which are cheap to maintain if you do not cover much discount. Think if you will be using your car on the daily basis to cover long or short discount before attempting buying one. You should also be aware that the longer the distance you cover with your car, the more likely you are to pay a higher insurance cost.



Moreover, consider engine size also before buying your right car. In addition, if the car is used car, look into the service record and condition of the parts. Parts like bumpers, rust, hood, etc.



Finally, if you can consider some of the above factors, you will be among those that are happy to have a car. Your comments are welcomed below.

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